Top 5 Ways How to Check Plagiarism in Your Assignments

check plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

The term plagiarism comes from the Latin plagiarius which means “kidnapper”. How do you put a limit between what is proper to an author and what is common knowledge? In the digital age, the plagiarism is common. Simply apply the technique of “copy and paste” to incur this error. From the popularization of this practice, teachers and students have incorporated tools to detect it easily. The large doses of information we receive each day prevent us from using all the original sources for material time to check the accuracy of content. .For this reason, you should avoid at all costs the possible innocent frauds in your documents. Look for assignment help service.

The anti-plagiarism software will allow you to check, after completing the writing of your thesis, if you have correctly quoted and paraphrased throughout the text. Do not take it as a means to avoid them but to improve. There is a large amount of anti-blast software; the most interesting ones are listed below. The Internet has become an essential resource for education and a very recurrent tool when looking for information to perform class work. However, it is not always used for a good purpose. The best is to look for assignment help service. These programs allow detecting plagiarism and if any student has copied. Next, we will indicate you some.


It is software, therefore, users must download it to use it. Some of the advantages offered are the side-by-side comparison of texts and links to plagiarized works. According to what its website indicates, it has more than 10 billion sources and can be used for unlimited and free.  This tool detects plagiarism for free. To do this, it is only necessary to upload the file -in Word- that you want to check or copy an extract of the text in the box and, in a few seconds, the program checks if the student has copied or not your project. In addition, it allows registered users to make 50 scans per day.

Purdue OWL

This web page does not detect plagiarism in itself, but it compiles all kinds of resources for teachers in order to detect or avoid, possible copies between the works that are delivered to them. In it, you can find all kinds of advice on this, either in text format or through presentations or expert conferences. It also includes practical tools with which to avoid such plagiarism. It is best if you want assignment help online.

Paper Rater

In addition to determining the authenticity of a document, it is able to review its grammatical structure. In this way, it will determine the originality in the construction of the sentences and will tell if it is a literal translation of a translator, such as Google Translate. Its benefits are adjusted to the needs of teachers and students. In the case of the latter, the tool will serve to correct their work and provide suggestions for grammar and syntax. The only point against is that these functionalities are compatible only with texts in English.


It works with the same modality of a search engine like Google or Yahoo: you have to enter the text, indicate where you want to search (on the web, the news and recently, in beta on social networks) and click on “search”. If you plan to use it more than once or verify extensive texts, you will have to register and pay. The cost differs according to the number of searches you perform and the number of pages.

Plagiarism Checker

It is a website where you can perform a search of texts, up to 300 characters, through Google and thus determine its originality. It is very simple to use, and also offers a functionality of alerts, which is a notification via mail in the case that generates a content equal to the one you searched for in the future.It is the most preeminent for assignment help online.

Dupli Checker

This tool quickly and effectively detects the existence of plagiarism by copying and pasting a text fragment with a maximum length of up to 1000 words per search. It also offers the option to upload files in Word format. The service is totally free and to do a quick search you do not need previous registration. If you want to use it frequently you can register, also for free, and you will have permission to make up to 50 searches a day. It is a website with a simple use to help the user to leave doubts about the possible originality of a text, report or work. It has a maximum limit of 1,000 words and, like other websites mentioned, allows you to paste a text or file to check its authenticity at the moment.