How to Cite a Research Paper?

There are a lot of features in the college curriculum that are new for you or you might not be well-versed with them. These features of the college curriculum combined with the different lifestyle makes it difficult for students to adjust in college initially. However, after some guidance and experience, you are able to manage tasks effectively. One of such new additions in college curriculum is the research paper that has to be written for many courses during college.

The format of research papers is different than that of the essays you have been writing at high school. The language of a research paper is more informative and professional rather than argumentative. The most important thing to be considered in a research paper is citation. When you extract information from other academic journals, you need to provide the real owner of that information with credits they deserve. A lot of students are confused about how to cite a research article because there are numerous citation styles and each one has a different set of rules to follow.

Reference research papers are crucial because they make your paper credible. Following are some basic guidelines that are generally applicable in citing a research paper:

Author’s Name

Whether you cite a research paper in APA or you cite a research paper in MLA, author’s name is essential. The last name of the author and the initial of their first name is usually required but that may vary depending upon the citation style you use. Without the name of an author, your citation is incomplete because then you are vaguely giving the credits.

Research papers citation without correct author name is incomplete so whatever style of referencing you use, make sure to write the correct name of author(s).

The Year When Paper was Published

Another crucial feature of research papers citation is the year in which that paper was published. For the readers to identify the original paper from where the information was extracted, it is imperative for them to know details like author’s name and the year when it was published because that same author(s) might have written other similar papers that readers may confuse that specific one with.

The format in which published date should be written differs from style to style. In case the published date is not available, you are required to include the date at which the paper was written.

Capitalization of Research Paper Title

cite a research paper
There is a specific way in which the title should be written when citing a research paper. Sentence capitalization must be used throughout the title and any proper names along with the first word must be capitalized. When you ask people how to cite a research article, they focus on major features like author name and date but may not attach importance to minor details like capitalization of the title.

As stated, whether you cite research paper in MLA or any other style, the formatting is very specific and important without which your citation is incorrect.

Including Maximum Possible Information

The purpose of citing a research paper is to direct readers to the article from where the information is extracted. If an article is published, it is not very difficult to cite research paper but if it has not been published, there are certain details that might not be available to you. Keeping the main purpose of citation in mind, the best way to tackle this is to include as much possible information as you can.

If the readers are able to identify the paper cited, your citation is acceptable and therefore read it from the eyes of a reader while adding reference research papers.

In-text Citation

Finally, in-text citation is the most important part of the referencing process. When you cite research paper in bibliography, readers must find it easy to find which line exactly is being referred to. Imagine a 5000-word article with no in-text citation!

This is done by simply writing the last name of the author(s) followed by the date at which the paper was published or written. Some formats may have different rules for in-text citation as this is when you cite a research paper APA.

Citation may seem like a daunting task at first because at college, you may be asked to cite articles in different formats. Have access to the guide page/book that mentions all the citation rules for every format so that the entire process becomes slightly easier. With the passage of time, you get comfortable with the rules and are able to cite papers without any difficulty. Nevertheless, you have to be very careful when citing published and unpublished articles because incorrect or unclear citation may have consequences that you would want to avoid.

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