Top Features of English Language You need to Know

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There are many different languages that are spoken in the world at present. Out of them, I think the most and widely accepted language that is spoken today. The only reason English has a wide value in the new world and the older too. Did you know that English is a mixed match of different languages and it is being practiced and learned by people in the old era and now too? Also English marks as the first language to be accepted by a lot of people and that too easily. We will be discussing what English has us for today and in the historical world. It, therefore, has secured a very good position. One other fact about English is that it is spoken by most of the people that prevail and exist in the five main continents of the world. If you are having trouble with English and assignment look for Write Me an Assignment services!


The fact is that English is spoken in accepted and learned everywhere it means that English is very easy and can be understood and learned by anyone who is new to it. English is a lot of qualities and traits in it. This is the only reason it was accepted earlier too and now in the present as well. It is quite prominent buy English speaking countries like the UK and USA English is the mother language so highlighted. Apart from the language being a popular one factor is that language cannot be accepted and understood until unless it is easy and it has got value. Baby will be talking about the characteristic and the features English has which are not known by many people. All they know is how to speak in English but do not know about its important features that are very necessary to look at. You may also pay attention to the Assignment Help Online.


  • Most important feature English has is that it is combined with many languages like that of the Indian African Chinese etc. Ever since it is combined with different languages the Chinese Indians and Africans can an easily understand English as English is derived from their language. English has some older words from Greek and Latin too.


  • English is heterogeneous and is a mixture of many different languages. Many regional words from other languages have been in indulged into English. This makes the spellings and the pronunciations very easy for English to depict. English has picked up a lot of French words so for French people talking and speaking in English is not a big deal.


  • English is very easy to speak and learn. The reason for this is English is very simple and when there is a sentence of English it is not easy for anyone to understand it like other languages. When we talk about Chinese, the Chinese language has a lot of difficult words and is not there right from any other language so it foreign English a French and African or any other native language speaker to understand Chinese. Reason for this is that Chinese has no linkage among the words and the sentence seems as difficult as it appears.


  • English has a proper stance. This means that the words used in one sentence are set. Since the English have grammar so the words must not be exceeded or must not be less in one sentence. If you are going to do so, keep in mind the errors may prevail. Word in English has its own importance and each word has an awesome meaning.


  • There are different phrases that are used in English this means that easily you can depict what you want to say. Either you are happy, what feelings do you have? You are full of sorrow or gratitude or not? This way the English richer and wider, English is easy and not vague at all.


  • Slang can be used in English. The fact is that English is the only language in which slang can be used. Also, this is one language which can be accepted and read without the presence of prepositions. You are incapable of understanding any language that doesn’t have a proposition you can easily do it with English.


  • English has got 2 spellings. Ever since English is the mother language of UK and USA so it has two different pronunciations as well as spellings. This makes it easier for people to speak learn and understand.


What more are you looking for English are a gem of a language trust me it is easy and simple. If you want to learn English you do not want to put a lot of efforts. With the help of just a few efforts, you can learn English in no time.